Battle for the ruins of the shrine of Beatus Antonius ex Patavium

On: 6.14.2009

Orks vs Ultramarines
1500 Points, 4 Turns, Annihilation Mission (Pitched Battle Deployment).

Orks go first, Deffkoptas in Reserve.

Turn 1 - The Orks rumble up the middle. There are a few token shots fired, but nothing connects. The Ultramarines open fire and a few boyz from the footslogging Boyz mob are sent on to fungal heaven. A Dreadnaught rumbles forward and takes a shot against the side armor of the rightmost Ork battlewagon to no effect.

Turn 2 - No Deffkoptas yet. The Orks disembark from their two battlewagons. Ghazghkull Thraka calls the Waaagh! The left unit of boyz slams into a tactical squad and inflict heavy damage. The right unit of boyz slams into the Dreadnaught and the mob's Nob immobilize it. The footslogging mob runs forward, swarming over the ruins of the Chapel of San Antonius de Padua. The Ultramarines fight valiantly, trusting to
Imperial power armor to help them. The Terminators slams into the mob on the dreadnaught and the Orks brutally bring low FOUR Terminators with nothing more than sluggas and choppas. Heavy fighting all along the line sees more space marines falling than Orks, only the presence of Command Cato Sicarius allows the Ultramarines to stand. The stern guard veterans open fire into the mass of Ork boyz charging up the middle, dropping many.

Turn 3 - Still no Deffkoptas.
The Orks dispatch the crippled dreadnaught and tear into the terminators with reckless abandon, the nob and boyz accounting for a couple more. The mob on the left flank destroys the tactical marines save for a single brother than beats feet to regroup. The footslogging mob of boyz up the middle at last, slam into the stern guard and commander Sicarius holding the northern hill - the nob of the Orks face-to-face with the Ultramarine commander, wounding him deeply. A Killkannon from a shooty battlewagon in the southwest corner of the battlefield rolls forth and destroys a few more Marines. The Ultramarines incredibly rally from near certain defeat and begin to turn the tide of battle - destroying not one, but two mobs of Orks with Sweeping Advances! The footslogging mob that took so long in arriving at the fight, is now the only mob left!

Turn 4 - The deffkoptas arrive and move to outflank the Ultramarines. They open fire in to a unit of flanking Ultramarines, dropping three of them. The swarm of boyz up the middle fell Cato Sicarius as well as the entire stern guard unit - but as the Marines fall back the Ork find themselves surrounded by Marines. The Ultramarines open fire and in a withering hail of bolter fire and heavy flamer templates from a land speeder unit that at last arrives in the thick of battle, are able to slay every last boy and nob - leaving Ghaghkull Thraka alone on the table as the last of the infantry. Terminators pile in to finish off the Prophet of the Waaagh and inflict horrible wounds that would have dropped any lesser monster. However the Beast of the Apocalypse remains standing, causing the last terminator to fall back stunned at the ferocity of the Prophet of the Waaagh. However, the battle is over and Thraka consolidates as far away as possible from the Marines.

Aftermath - The deeply wounded and bleeding Prophet of the Waaagh leaves the battlefield in the possession of the Ultramarines - making his escape guarded by Deffkoptas and two additional battlewagons aside from the one in which he rides. The near mortally wounded Cato Sicarius of the Ultramarines is helped from the field by the stalwart battle brothers that defended where he fell. The battle is a draw (3 scenario points each).

.... so this was my very first game using the 5th Edition. I think I have the major points. I've got a few questions I'll need clarification from "old pros" but it was a heck of a lot of fun!

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