Big Mek with KFF

On: 6.19.2009

So tonight I decided to convert one of my Assault on Black Reach box set Nobz into a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field. The official GW one is ok... but I wanted one of the "arms" of the contraption to be on the Nobz head (just because it's funny).

The goggles I cut from a styrene tube. The "tesla coils" are a styrene tube, with a hole drilled into one end through which I fed basic solder (like what you solder circuit boards with). Then I spun the solder around the rod to create the rings. The sphere is an old Mardi Gras bead that I used a drill bit to make a hole in one end.

The wires are cut from an old computer IDE flat cable. The Choppa/Tool I just made it up as I went along. It's a lot of 2.5mm styrene that I cut and faceted then attached to the original Choppa that was originally there (I just cut away the blade and left a rectangular base that I glued the blades to).

I added satchels and bags from the old Boyz sprue to represent all the pouches that a Mek would stick his "Mek's Tools" in. The "control pad" in the Ork's hand I just converted from the slugga that was already there. The round magazine became the power box at the bottom, the big box part was once the main body of the slugga.

As you can see from the color scheme, he's a Goff like most of the rest of my army.

I had a lot of fun converting this guy. It took about 5 hours from start to finish. For reference, the "real" Ork Big Mek model from GW is here. Additional side views from my photo album are here (left, right).

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