Animatronic Gargant Head v1.0

On: 12.17.2009

So I decided to try and make my gargant head a little special. I recycled the R/C electronics from another hobby of mine. These first pictures show how I hot glued everything to a single square (from which I cut rectangles for the servos).

Then after this phase, I glue on another rectangle of styrene and then glue the battery. Note that this configuration tried to keep everything on the centerline and balanced versus the neck servo as much as possible.

Next I bored out a 1/2 hole in a 3"x3" square of wood (3mm 3" brigade squares from Litko Aerosystems I had lying around). Then glued on the sides (also bored out for the jaw hinges) and a stabilizing piece of wood on the front (a 3mm 3" x 1.5" cavalry/artillery base, also from Litko).

Then I cut out a piece of cardboard, mounted it to my jaw hinge, and marked out dots to show the angle of the curve. Then used those dots to cut out a template for my jaw pieces.

(I'd cut off that lower triangle later since it got in the way of where I was going to mount the neck. )

Here follows a test fitting with a mockup "face" - the Jaw will likely stay.

(Here I'm messing around with the jaw servo)

(And eyebrow servos)

So far so good.

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PapaSpanky said...

Interesting idea, very ambitious. I noticed the servo on the bottom for head turn movement. Have you thought about putting the battery pack in the torso area, since your head won't be making a full rotation, you wont have to worry about wire twist. then your head will be lighter, saving wear on your servos. Just a thought.

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