Sneaky Gitz

On: 12.15.2009

Well, after a very long dry spell I have at last finished another unit of Orks (a full unit of 15 Kommandos to be exact).

These guys are from the Assault on Black Reach box set. They're in black (a proppa color) with light drybrushing in white (cloth) and silver (metal) to break up the solid monochrome. I gave them "camoflage" blue tiger stripes. The major element that makes them sneaky gitz of course are the leaves. These are the old free jungle trees that came with the 3rd (or was it 4th?) edition box set (the one with Dark Eldar in it). The burna boyz are some ancient metal ones I had sitting in a box for years.

The Nob has a boss pole made from a taller tree with simple cereal box cutouts for the emblem. The power claw is 3 tines from an old Leman Russ sprue dozer blade and some plastic card.

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