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On: 2.23.2010

"Boss Snikrot observed the carnage that spread across the XM Moon. As his Kommandos lashed the captured guns to the Deffkoptas to be looted and taken back to the Meks he smiled to himself. The great thing about krumpin' Tyranids was the loot. "Back home" Tyranid Teef were going for about 2-to-1 for Proppa Ork Teef. Tyranid Big Teef like from Hive tyrants and the like were going for 1-to-1. The loot from this krumpin' expedition would easily afford him and his boys a few new gubbinz at the Mek shops.

Snikrot reached down and yanked a fang loose from the dead Tyranid Warrior he was sitting on. It came free with a satisfying, sticky, and wet cracking sound. He used it to clean out the grizzly bits from between the serrations on the rippy knives that served him so well in so many battles. Yup, Tyranids was good for krumpin' all right. They gave both Teef as well as a right proppa fight... what more could an Ork ask for?"

Last night was my first battle against the new Tyranids... the other player was new, and had purchased the Tyranid Battle Force plus a Hive Tyrant. After upgrades and whatnot it came out to right at 750 points.

Wow. The new 'Nid codex is so full of krunchy goodness it almost makes me want to play them. As it was, it was only the direct application of a liberal dose of Kommandos + Snikrot that allowed me to pull a win from what would have almost certainly been a loss.

Force Org: What we call "Reconnaissance in Force" missions. 750 points. 0-1 HQ, 1+ Troop. No vehicle greater than DV 12. This is a heavily modified "Combat Patrol" mission. We use these as part of a sort of "escalation league" we're doing (500 point combat patrols to start, reconnaissance in force missions after they've had some time to paint up 500 points, then standard missions at 1500+).

Mission: Seize Ground + Dawn of War

Tyranids: Hive Tyrant, Hormagaunts, Termagaunts, Genestealers, Warriors

Orks: Slugga Boys, Trukk Boys, Deffkoptas, Kommandos + Snikrot.

Turn 1 Top - I go first because the 'Nid player won and gave it to me. Slugga Boyz take an objective and Trukk Boys take another. Kommandos and Deffkoptas in reserve. No shooting, no 'Nids on the board.

Turn 1 Bottom - Nids walk on and advance, there's some shooting but Night Fighting rules prevent any hits. Genestealers in reserve.

Turn 2 Top - Deffkoptas show up and Turbo Boost onto the field, heading for the Hive Tyrant. I am just close enough to Waaagh and reach the Hormagaunts (with my Slugga Boys) and the Termagaunts (with my Trukk Boyz). I don't want to BE charged, so I head on in for the party. I do a little shooting with the Trukk's Big Shoota and kill one Termagaunt. The Trukkboyz and their Nob obliterate the Termagants suffering only one death. They consolidate backwards (away from the nearby Hive Tyrant). The Slugga Boyz are able to wipe out the Hormagaunts suffering about 40% casualties in return (I shudder to imagine if I had been the one actually charged!!!). They consolidate forwards towards the Warriors. Kommandos and Snikky are still in Reserve.

Turn 2 Bottom - Genestealers show up. Warriors blow holes in my Slugga Boyz with guns. The Hive Tyrant blows up my Trukk (and the explosion takes several of my Trukk boyz with it who were too close to the explosion). Genestealers pile in and eat my poor Slugga Boyz for dinner and take the objective. Hive Tyrant piles in and finishes off my Trukk boys taking two wounds in the process... oh oh... I have no scoring units left. It now becomes "annihilation" for the Orks to pull out a win.

Turn 3 Top - Kommandos and Snikky show up and move on just behind the Genestealers. The Deffkoptas all open fire on the Hive Tyrant and bring it down (2 wounds plus 2 the Trukk boyz did). My 2 Kommando Burna boys open up with some Squig Oil flavored lovin' on the Genestealers and kill all but 1 ... who is now too far away to assault.

Turn 3 Bottom - Warriors do some shootin' and butcher a few of my Kommandos. Genestealer charges in and slaughters a couple more as it dies. Warriors are just outside of Assault range.

Turn 4 Top - Kommandos advance, Deffkoptas advance. Deffkoptas do a lot of shooting and score a lot of no hits. Kommando Burna boys open up with more Squig Oil scented lovin' and put down one Warrior. Kommandos pile in and finish off another warrior taking several dead in return.

Turn 4 Bottom - Warrior continues the assault killing a few more Kommandos but is dead by an acute case of Snikrot. Orks pull out a win.

Survivors: Snikrot, 6-ish Kommandos, and 3 Deffkoptas.

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