On da bench

On: 2.08.2010

I got plenty of core troops... I need to get some Ded 'Ard stuff built!

Ghazghkull mag urug Thrakka - (finished)
Big Mek w/KFF - (finished)
5 Deffkoptas with Twin-Linked Rokkits 1 w/buzzsaw (finished)
Kommandos with Snikrot (finished)

Lootas - (in progress)

- power klaw
- modular bosspole
- attack squig
- cybork body
- shoota/skorcha
- 'eavy armor
(estimate = 60+25+5+15+10+5+5 = 125pts)

Biker Nobz (monobikerz!)

Twin-Linked Rokkit Warbuggies (just 3, not started yet)


Killa Kanz (mainly grotzookas but modular kustom mega-blastas will be nice, 1 per squadron with grot riggers)

Lobba Big Gunz

Looted Wagon boomgun/'ardcase

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