On: 6.15.2010

My 'Ooliganz may be taken over by a blitzkrieg of WW2 Orks...

Joining my Waaagh very soon may be...

Lookskilly SS Ghazghkull Thraka (LSSGT)
1st Waaaghin' SS

In Ork Kultur, the Waaghin' SS are some of the most elite Orks of the Blood Axe clan. The letters "SS" is Blood Axe shorthand for "Stompystomp" which is a great description of what they do. The SS emblem is the Ork glyph for "Stomp" ... twice.

The 1st Waaaghin' SS LSSGT are Blood Axe Orks who are fantatically loyal to Ghazghkull Thraka.

The most famous member of the 1st Waaaghin' SS, is the greatest of the Kommandos... Sturmboss SchnichtRött (The Waaagin' SS have "ranks" formed by taking whatever Rank Orks are used to and just adding the Imperial Gothic word "Sturm" somewhere in the rank title... a custom that generally bewilders the rest of Ork Kulture).

I hope to have my first Waaaghin' SS painted soon.

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