Feldgrau and other concerns

On: 6.16.2010

So after doing far more research than necessary about the changes in German uniform colors from the late 1930s up through the end of WW2 (and effects of the sun and weathering on wool and dye, bla bla bla bla)... I've chosen what shade I'm going to use for my Waaaghin' SS.

This post will be a placeholder for my paint mixes and I'll edit it from time to time.

  • "Ork Skin Base" - Reaper MSP Pale Green

  • "Ork Skin Shadows/Wash" - Reaper MSP Pale Green:Muddy Olive = 1:1

  • "Final Highlight" - Reaper MSP Sunlight Yellow

  • Cloth
  • "Feldgrau Base" - Reaper MSP Rainy Gray:Muddy Olive = 3:1

  • "Feldgrau Shadows/Wash" - Reaper MSP Rainy Gray:Muddy Olive = 2:1

  • Leather
  • Base - Reaper MSP Dragon Black

  • Highlights - Reaper MSP Rainy Gray

  • Metal
  • "Helmet" - "Dunkel Apfelgrün" - Reaper MSP Rainy Gray:Muddy Olive = 1:1

  • "Gunmetal" - Reaper MSP Honed Steel

  • "Metal Highlights" - Reaper MSP Polished Silver

  • Vehicles and Equipment: Hinterhalttarnung Camouflage (Bloodaxes love the camo!)
  • "Dunkelgelb" - Reaper MSP Palomino Gold:Muddy Olive = 6:1

  • "Olivgrün" - Reaper MSP Muddy Olive

  • "Rotbraun" - Reaper MSP Russet Brown or Mahogany Brown (TBA)

  • Tank "Specks" - Dunkelgelb specks on the Olivgrün and Rotbraun areas, Olivgrün and Rotbraun specks on the Dunkelgelb (Tanks only)

  • "Typically" Yellow and Brown are separated by a green area but different units and factories painted it differently.
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