Waaaghin' SS Test Model

On: 6.17.2010

I spent like four hours mixing different swatches of paint but only did a 2 hour "quickie" figure. The "front view" is blurry except for the base, but it isn't the purpose of the picture anyway. The backside is really the image I was wanting.

There seems to be some heavy pixelation that hopefully I'll have fixed when I take my "real" pics. However, for test images I think they'll do.

Dunno if you can tell or not, but that "Feldgrau" actually does have a slight greenish tint to it. The ork skin is also more "yellow" than my blueish tinted regular "Ooliganz" paint job (Reaper MSP Pale Green is yellow tinted, Jade Green is blue tinted). I like it because since I use Muddy Olive in both the skin mixture and the uniform mixture, I think it really unifies the look.

The awesome base if from Dragon Forge Design's Urban Rubble Wasteland product line.

This one was all done with a brush over white Tamiya spray primer. I may experiment with the trusty airbrush next.

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