Tutorial: Warbiker Nob from AoBR Deffkopta

On: 9.08.2010

This is another attempt at a blog based tutorial. Some pictures are blurry, but luckily I think I was still able to get the jist of everything down in picture form.

Step 1: Materials

Here we begin with 1 AoBR Deffkopta and 1 AoBR Nob. The tires are from Lego (the 30mm x 14mm knobby tire) which you can buy online by itself or from a local Lego store. In my case, I got mine from the Lego store at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Texas. I got about 24 of them for just under $9.

Step 2: Tools

Just a snapshot of some of the tools I used to do this project. The blade of a hobby saw (this was vital for my project, cutting straight lines!) for cutting straight lines, sprue cutter, pin vise with #66 drill bit, 1/32 brass rod, superglue, hobby blade, and a file.

Step 3: Cutting out the Ork pilot

Here you see snips I made in the plastic with the sprue cutters. This weakened the model so that I was able to just tear out the pilot by bending him.

I just used the sprue cutters like a pair of pliers and pried out the pilot in chunks. You can see him lying there in the background. Repeat for the other side. Then use a file and the hobby knife to clean up the seat (smooth it down).

Step 4: Cutting off the landing skids

Hobby saw blade coming to the rescue by being so straight. This allowed me to almost perfectly cut along the lines formed by the sculpt.

Step 5: Cutting off the lower rokkits and the caps of the top ones.

Again, you can see the straight line that the saw blade provides as I slice off the area that will be the wheel well of the front wheel. I leave the top pair of missiles to act as the mounting point for Dakkagunz later.

Step 6: Cutting off the tail assembly

Hobby saw blade once again. Basically I followed the mold lines and totally removed the tail rotor, leaving the engines. One of the sets of hoses comes off due to a small box that protrudes. I still haven't glued the two halves together... I just hold them together while I cut so that they're even.

You can also see I've cut off the overhead prop... this is a lot easier to do if the halves are not yet glued together. Note I preserved the "belt" detailing in the plastic... that's because I need that!

Step 7: Making room for the tire chain/belt

Here I slice off a section of engine detailing to file down and make a flat area where I will mount my "chain."

Step 8: Attach rear tire assembly

Here you see a better shot of how much of the prop assembly that got cut off. You also see what happens to the prop "arm"... it becomes the bike chain. One of the landing skids also becomes the "mud guard" for the bike chain. This piece is not decorative, it provides structural strength by giving me a second attachment point for the tire which is glued to the bike chain "arm"... there's also a blob of greenstuff up inside what used to be the "ball socket" prop blade housing that's now on the underside of the bike. That greenstuff also gives me a bit more support.

ps - The tire is not centered using this method. It doesn't bother me because I think it looks cooler this way, but if it'll bother you to not have a centered rear tire... you've been warned. :)

Step 9: Attach front tire assembly

The picture explains it all I should think. One of the propellar blades becomes the two front tire spokes. I filed down the sides of the lego tire until it was smooth and filed down the inside surface of the prop blade so that they'd mesh up. Then I just glued it all to the front cowl. You can see the "hub" from the propellar blade now becomes the reverse "hubcab" of the rear tire.

Step 10: Slice off the nob

Cut off the legs (cut all of the hip/belt area, you can always file down, but it's difficult to add back material). Sorry, blurry.

Step 11: Reattach instruments, minus handlebars

Cut off the handlebars and reattached the dials. Sorry, blurry.

Step 12: Greenstuff the nob

Blob of greenstuff will form the link. There's also a tiny blob in the center of the nobz back as well (so that it attaches to the vertical seat back).

Coming together! I just smoothed down the greenstuff with the flat side of my hobby knife (I just used spit to keep it "slick" so that it wouldn't stick to the green stuff). Note I cut off the front "radiator" and replaced it with an upside down Space Marine backpack... dunno why... thought it would be fun. Next time I leave the original radiator in place. :)

Step 13: Putty in hole left from prop assembly

There's a hole left up top where you cut off the rotor assembly. Here I used a spot of greenstuff and the front of the other landing skid to fill it in. You can also see small pilot holes I drilled into the exhaust pipes for when I drill them out later.

Step 14: Remove the handlebars and brakes from the molded hands of the pilot

Much, much careful sawing with the hobby blade and filing.

Step 15: Attach handlebars and Dakkagun barrels

1/8th styrene tube for the win! Due to overexposure of the flash, you can't really see the detail of the Dakkaguns. However, I drew a crude drawing showing how to do the styrene and drill the holes. As you can see, I used greenstuff to attach the barrels.

Step 16: Attach step ... done

At the very bottom you can see I cut the tips off the other pair of prop blades to form a small "step up" as well as rippy side bits. I took this photo on top of two 40mm discs to show how it'll look on a bike base.

With that... I'm done. 4 hours of work.

If you liked this tutorial please let your Ork friends know about it or leave a comment! :)

As a bonus, here are some other ones (found elsewhere on this blog).
#1 - My prototype/proof of concept#3 Nob

UPDATE (9/13/2010): You can order Lego parts online here: Lego Pick a Brick online store. The parts I used were "Tyre Normal Wide Ø30,4 X 14" and "Rim Wide 18/14 W. Cross Ø4.8"

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