Warbiker Nob from AoBR Deffkopta

On: 9.07.2010

I will do another one of these, and the next time I'll take pictures of it, step by step. However, for those who are savvy with conversion work, here it is unprimered so you can see where everything came from.

The only things that didn't come from the Assault on Black Reach set are the tires and the green stuff (plus 1 tiny piece of styrene rod to rebuild the handlebar). The tires are from my local Lego store (though you can get them online). It's the 30mm x 14mm knobby one.

Believe it or not, it fits on a bike base (barely). The centerpoint of the tires just rests on the edges of the base. When I figure out how I want to do the guns, they'll go into those pinholes up front.

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Ginge said...

That is pretty awesome... I have a whole bunch of deffkoptas set aside for an apoc formation, though some of them may get looted for "other projects" now ;oP

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