Grots, grots, grots

On: 6.21.2009

30 Grots

I've been painting Grots all weekend! I painted 30 of the little buggers.

Here they are, dull coated (interestingly enough, "dull" coat has a bit of a sheen) and mobbed together. The ones in the front are blurry but you get the idea. Back when I was playing Warhammer 3rd edition 10 years ago, I was able to get a great deal on several boxes of Rebel Grots from Gorka-Morka. When I busted open all the packages I discovered I had 30 of them (a full sized mob).

What I did NOT have were RuntHerds (the Grot's Ork "tenders") so I converted them from bitz from the Ork sprues and a leftover Slugga Boy. The bits are the basic should pads glued to each other with a bit of sprue acting as the mounting point (I drill a small hole) to a rod of solder.

Da Grotmissar

The one I spent several hours painting all by itself was "Da Grotmissar" (counts as Runtherd with Grot Prod and serves as the Mob's "Squig Hounds").

Imperial Commissars in the game allow you to shoot your own men and reroll a failed Morale test. Squig Hounds do the same thing (except they eat the Grots I suppose).

I had this awesome miniature called "The Red Gobbo" and wanted to paint him up like a Commissar. To justify my "counts as Runtherd" ... the reason he has a Ballistic Skill of 2 instead of the normal 3 that Grots have is because he wears corrective lenses. The "melta pistol" that The Red Gobbo came with will count as my Grot Prod (wounds on a 4+) and also explains how he vaporizes Grots d3 at a time to inspire his Grot brethren to fight on!

He is the first, greatest, and most famous of Orkperial Grotmissars!

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