Army Attention Deficit Disorder

On: 2.07.2010

So, those of you that only follow this blog may have noticed that I haven't updated in a while. Well it's not that I've not been painting and it's not because I haven't been blogging.

The problem is... I have AADD ... it's a horrible condition that causes gaping holes in one's bank account and free time. Terrible... terrible...

Well anyway, I maintain one other "real" army (Imperial Fist Space Marines), help out with my wife's army from time to time (Inquisition), and of course, there's always my beloved Imperial Guards.

So in an attempt to draw attention to all my army blogs, I'm going to add a blogroll to each that points to all my others. So there may be some jiggling page layout components on here as I tidy the place up.

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