Sneaky Panzies Oy

On: 3.03.2010

So last night was my first real battle against Sneaky Panzies aka "Dark Eldar" (I was in a 3 way battle that involved them but really in that one I was focused on the Space Wolves).


I barely pulled out a win by virtue of it being annihilation and I always design my lists to minimize available kill points to my opponent. One lone Deffkopta held on until the end of turn 6 to deny the outright victory due to obliterating one's opponent. In other words "counts as a win" by scenario design, but I would say it's only an Ork Moral Victory at best.

I learned a lot and am slowly building up the momentum to just finish my Lootas that I've been waffling on.

The game was a lot of fun, the other highlight of the night was discovering a great Thai restaurant next door to the place where we were playing!

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